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Custom Pools & Spas

Enjoy a refreshing and relaxing pool area with the perfect blend of water, stone, and nature.

OUR LANDSCAPE DESIGN PROJECTS often begin with a homeowner’s wish for a swimming pool. The reason they call ArtistiX instead of a pool installation contractor is because they want more. They want an entire pool environment custom designed to fit their site. They challenge our landscape designers to create outdoor living spaces that offer a variety of functional and aesthetic pleasures—the pool being one component in the mix.

A fully integrated outdoor pool environment may include

  • playspace (pool or spa)

  • entertainment areas (outdoor kitchen)

  • gathering places (outdoor living room shaded by a pergola or pavilion)

  • secluded spots for quiet conversation or solitude

THE LANDSCAPE DESIGNERS AT ArtistiX will help you develop a pool design and landscaping plan that combines just the right elements to produce an exceptional outdoor living space. Click here to see some of our swimming pool designs.

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Amberton Spa
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The Most Popular Swimming Pool Designs

To start a conversation about pool design with one of our landscape designers you will need to consider these two questions:

  1. Do you want a rectangular pool with a motorized pool cover?

  2. Or would you like a swimming pool of any other shape or style we can imagine together?..

It turns out that the classic rectangular shape is most popular because of its many benefits, which are:

  • When traveling, you can close the cover and lock it–so nobody can get in the pool while you are away.

  • If there are trees nearby, the cover keeps the leaves out.

  • If you want to open the pool early in the season, the cover helps it heat up faster.

  • If you want to continue using the pool later in the season, the cover helps maintain the water temperature.

Auto Cover Pool.jpg

The Pleasures of Water-In-Motion


Waterfalls & Features

Most of our projects incorporate moving or falling water features in the design plan. Waterfalls are especially popular. They add pleasing sound to the pool environment. They are frequently used to mitigate other surrounding noises such as a near-by road, louder than preferred neighbors, or adjacent developments. A waterfall can introduce an element of fun, too. Swimmers can enjoy dunking underneath the falling water, letting it gently pummel them.

Simple Rock Falls
Natural Boudler Pool.jpg

Naturalistic Swimming Pools & Patio Designs


ARTFULLY COMBINING ORGANIC AND MANUFACTURED MATERIALS can produce a pleasing, naturalistic effect in spa and pool design regardless of the shape of the pool. Repeating visual themes and varying materials brings balance and integrity to all the elements that make up the surrounding pool deck, patios and landscaping. That’s what you can expect when you design your landscape and pool environment with a ArtistiX Designer: beauty with integrity.  What would you like to do with your back yard?  Tells us.

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