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Patios, Walkways &

Built to last. Designed to Stand Out. 

There's nothing like the elegance of stone paving to help a property stand out. At ArtistiX, we take pride in our craft and are proud to offer Atlanta a selection of different stone paving options. From cobblestones to interlocking stones and everything in between, we can help make your property distinctive and increase its value at the same time.

Stairway & Wall Construction

 Pavers & Drives

Permeable Interlocking concrete pavement systems consist of concrete pavers with joint openings filled with permeable aggregate that allows rainwater to flow into layers of crushed stone that support the pavement while providing water storage and runoff control. As the rainwater sinks through the  aggregate under the pavement, it slowly releases it into the ground for natural disbursement. Since the water does not run directly to the curb gutter, flooding is significantly deterred during heavy rain.

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