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Creative Landscaping &
Outdoor Living 

Outdoor Kitchen

Beauty, Luxury & Custom‑Designed Elegance

Landscaping & Outdoor Living

The ArtistiX team’s approach to landscape design and construction results in thoughtfully planned and meticulously crafted outdoor living environments that settle into place, take root and thrive. 

 "What was once an uninspiring yard is now a captivating showcase of beauty."

Lindsay Bramlett


Thoughtfully Crafted For You 

Atlanta's Powerhouse Landscapers

 ArtistiX specializes in creating custom outdoor floorplans for each client that maximizes the property value and layout. We utilize state of the art 3D rendering technology to provide our clients with a realistic concept of our proposed design.


Our custom outdoor environments typically include stone or paver patios, decorative and load-bearing retention walls, fire pits or fireplaces, water features, outdoor kitchens, pools, seating and dining areas, spas and more.




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A Full Service Approach

Whether feature-specific or total property encompassing, team-of-record work, ArtistiX is uniquely positioned to deliver sustainable, creative, and results-driven outdoor environments.

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